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Top 5 lift chair models 2016

Spinal problems and knee problems are one of the most important health issues that many people have at an older age. These come with many extra problems such as having to make your own kind of unguided movements where you face a great deal of difficulty with all the motor skills that require any form of joint movement or lumbar support. Even when you’re in bed or reclining on the sofa, you have to do it for a long time and cannot get up time and again because getting up hurts. In such a case you need a miracle in your life. Well, consider your prayers answered because the new lift chairs designed by various companies have been designed to provide back support and make it easier for you to get up and lie down without having to worry about any kind of body pain to endure with and tolerate.

Medlift home entertainment series

As always Medlift delivers with state of the art machinery systems that basically help with the whole functioning of the system be a therapeutic model instead of being aesthetically pleasing. However this does not mean that the chair in any way looks anything other than being the best in class comfort chair that helps with every aspect of being the best. It has refined looks and a padded interior along with options to make it a hub for any person having a home entertainment system with its additional pockets and foot elevation systems. Its suave leather finish also rocks.

Windemere AS-9001

Another really elegant looking chair with a leather finish, this product has the best of the best in terms of comfort which is what puts it on this list. It has a really good hardwood frame and the underlying steel skeleton gives it the kind of support it needs during elevation. The chaise pad and the design of the split back is just enhanced with its all leather finish covering, and manages to perform really well under trying conditions what with its battery backup which has been integrated into the chair, or the fact that it has extra padding for comfort purposes.

Catnapper Omni

Catnapper is known to make products that rule in comfort over everything else. These products basically ensure that the person sitting on the chair has a really relaxed environment as a backdrop of the place in which he is sitting. Basically all you need to know is that the comfort coiling at the base of this chair is designed to last for a really long time and withstand the long years that it will be put through. Other than that the lift mechanism is equally durable and will easily work for a longer time without needing any kind of servicing.

Pride Mobility Serenity collection

The serenity collection is so named because the designs do not go all out with the kind of visual they depict. The matte finished chairs are quite easy on the eyes and on the most part do not mess with the 3 position recliner which has a comparatively larger high and a blown fiber back rest which is designed to look like a button back rest. It has ample seat width and also doubles up as a recliner in a few seconds with its quiet motor that works on battery backup when the main battery runs out of juice.

Ultra Comfort Leisure

The name in this case says it all as you end up with one of the top notch quality chairs in the market. There are so many brands out there that it becomes difficult picking out the right kind of chair for yourself or your loved one. But this product with its smooth leather finish, it’s really refined back seat comfort system and its fine texture that makes it an overall delight to have in any home and the best in class in terms of seating system and machinery performance overall. Its padded construction helps with the back comfort and relaxation.


The good news is that there are so many different types of product in the market that you can pretty much pick any one based on your budget and space constraints. However, if you aren’t technologically inclined and don’t understand the meaning of the different specs you can just as easily expect to rely on the internet to get you the right kind of information. Review articles such as these can be more than useful when it comes to choosing the right product, and get on with your comfortable retirement life as soon as you can without any hassles whatsoever.


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